keskiviikkona, helmikuuta 14, 2007

Are your foot different lengths ?

Tyyne explains an easy method in the following for the determination of the foot length difference. As tight flat-bottomed shoes as possible which fit into the foot are bought only just in the sports shop. There is a liu' uttumalla it can eliminate the possible friction differences in the bottoms along an oblique level already in the trade by choosing a behaving pair of shoes in the same way, shoes and. Next a glue will be piped in the shoes and kiireenvilkkaa is put to the shoes, feet. It will be slept over the night. The glueing is quite necessary to prevent shaking (in the measurings that have been done in Ladoga it has been noticed that the shaking of shoes will cause even the 2,7 mm mistake on the 100 km way!!!).Next it will be practised orienteering with the kick sled to as wide the lake ice as possible. A board which is 4,2 metres long has been installed in the kick sled in the horizontal position crosswise quite on the level of runners. The purpose of the board is to keep the measure of the steps constant. Well, the measuring can begin. It is started to walk tightly forward together so that the point of the shoe always will hit that transversal board (so the board levels all the steps the same long !), feet This is the so-called calibration part of the measuring. This calibration walk it is walked so long that the board prevents the kick sled from the diving into the shore tangled thicket. Now a suoraankävely is known a regular step. Next the board will be removed. Now it is started again to walk ahead pushing the kick sled. The propeller begins to curve to a shorter foot half little by little and quite small kehäinen at its worst is achieved, a spiral, a figure. Then there will be the place of the warning here: nearly some tasajalkainen ones have had to walk, huge trips, without the propeller going to curve. The missing of the board also has bluffed the kovakuntoinen measurers and they have ended up even in extremely bad tangled thickets. Then mathematics and wealthy friends will be still needed. That wealthy friend visits to take from the groove which has been created to the ice of the air photograph. The flight altitude must also be determined for the scale and it is worthwhile also here for mieluumin to trust an own measuring like to the inaccurate indicator of the aeroplane. The altimeter is handily obtained from the steady cord of specified length which is fixed before the rise to the body of the aeroplane and the second end of the cord is briskly frozen close into the hole in the ice. The picture will be taken when the cord is vertically upwards. This kind of a measuring can be performed with the same machine only once. So there is the flight altitude now for the determination of the scale known and the picture also has been caught. Then but a gone trip is measured from the picture and it is compared a suoraankulkea trip to the groove. Then it will indeed be easy to count the foot measure difference from this: e = (s-k)/ am, in what e=measure difference, s=directly gone trip, k=curving gone trip and am=step number. As the measure difference of the legs of Tyyne's friend 23,2 cm was obtained as an example. It was been surprised at this a little but it so but the nature adapts the length differences of the legs of the human being; one cannot notice it quite externally. Then all idle one has been asked, such as from the feet etc. loosened by the glued shoes. Tyyne states here that no consumer adviser is he !