perjantaina, marraskuuta 17, 2006

Three bad red hoods and three good wolves

Well, the babies, Tyyne tell you about the three bad red hoods of the fairy tale and about three good wolves. In the story only a bad red hood and good tender-hearted wolf are presented rightly. Let us stamp the story to the visit. Once upon a time there was a big forest a small scabby cottage in the edge. In the cottage a fairly medium standard grandmother (a fairly large mother) lived. On the grandmother the daughter's daughter was Petteri from her name Punakuono, sorry a red hood should be said. But the red hood was extremely ill-mannered: he may have walked taking shortcut at the pedestrian crossing a little either, and all the oncoming cars did not greet and gone to meet its grandmother only once a day and was also otherwise such a so-called spoilt girl. There was a very well-behaved wolf at the same time running in the forest indeed. This wolf was a son-in-law already only, such every wolf mother's wish: ate devouring almost everything that was dragged to the front and it was not very faddy from the wolf maiden's appearance and properties. The wolf moved in the forest mostly sorry keep asking somehow, to this way: "Sorry flower, "that I pick you" sorry grass, that I had to tread a little you "even if how I did sneak on my toes" and the air molecule sorry when you got to my throat even if how I do breathe quite carefully". Who narrator's nerves does the that kind of a one not hold, even in such a special story. But it is still worse coming. There was a bad red hood at the same time wandering elsewhere in the forest looking for the one to be eaten something. At last the main characters' roads met the story. However, the persons themselves had not yet come, the roads to the crossing but the section is. When a bad red hood noticed a tender wolf, he gulped his throat with the wolf's one swallow. The wolf tried to be as soft as possible with best and that the flexible one would not only hit the stomach and intestines of the red hood. So the wolf emerged to be the terminal of the process to be damaged out and the red hood further remained hungry which the wolf of course apologised politely. In the same a brisk woodcutter spurted there with light steps and began to approach the grandmother's woodpile without other turns. The woodcutter chopped wood so diligently that such a noise began the grandmother to be nervous. The woodcutter did not have a feeling, poor which soon would take place. The grandmother jumped to her wrinkled feet and picked the sharpest artificial teeth out of her syanid containing cup which to imagine it brings. The door and when the grandmother left for the world not at least creaked....
The story will continue tomorrow (in the story there is only one part so....)