sunnuntaina, marraskuuta 19, 2006

From tramp to prince

Now it begins!! !!Chain of namely Tyyne's evening fairy tales. First will be a story about the pig which became an almost correct prince at the turn.
Once upon a time there was a pig (smelled, swollen and quite unconsciously ugly) which walked apathetic forward. Then it arrived at the edge of the charcoal forest and accompanied by the small fear shiver pushed forward forward. Something loomed from behind the trees of the gloomy forest already only, glittering. It pond which is familiar of the stories it there glittered with clear colours. And the story takes the pig to the shore. Here Tyyne a little straightens because the pig has knees (in the family also on others) in frighteningly bad order and Tyyne does not want to increase the pain of this kind of a cripple by running in vain at least in the story. Well, on another side of the pond quite a splendid castle (the story is obviously placed on the coast region because there the country rises and the castle with it) rises. The pig stares at the castle open and circling the pond the snout arrives at the stairs of the castle. The king of course is against the pig (it thinks obviously to propose to be a prince who has come). You will make the princess your spouse if you curb a nasty Dddraagonn, the king growls. The pig does not really care about the princess but however, pads to meet the dragon. "Am I a Dddraagonn or a dragon, in your opinion? the dragon first asks the pig. It is to use as dated a definition as a Dddraagonn in the pig's opinion, ridiculous. Dddraagonn (oups..) so the dragon is very delighted and asks the pig from this to straighten a term from all the sources of information to a correct. In the fairy tale also this is possible and the pig makes after ordering work. The dragon will become so happy that it subsides immediately. So one can say that the pig curbed the dragon. Then one will not own to ask for other than princess ! The king is that old race which is familiar of the stories and which still requires additional tasks before the princess along comes loose. Now the record of the world of the pole must jump then ! I saw those kings also in the stories, it develops, before one had to fight with giants. The pig presses briskly to the track and takes the pole to its cloven hooves. King the ratbag has greased the benecol of the pole (the king's colesterol values risen, the narrator's remark) even. That greased pole does not stay in the cloven hooves. But then the dragon which has become a friend comes forward and blows the fireball on the pig's back. The pig smells the smell of the smoking pig's meat and also knows an unrestrained pain (the family's smallest information: the myth pig was not injured during the story. !)The pain makes the pig bounce to a more than ten metres high one without the pole and repeats the jump with the pole, because the pole was forgotten at the first time. Already does the princess now take along ? One of course not. There will be the third trial at the turn: the moat is emptied of crocodiles. Then the pig's stomach will go quite to a loose from an unrestrained fear. Mud, of course, flows to the moat and crocodiles brings about the a close relation flight of the panic to other countries. Is it from this by that the king gets excited and goes to swim a straight head to a moat where it had not been going for years . Now the princess already must become own, otherwise the story gets an unpleasant cuff. The king crawls from the moat and the smell is a other than grandmother's inheritance in the mashed potatoes. The pig little first avoids its new father-in-law but agrees eventually. The princess gives the kiss to the pig's snout and PIM,the pig becomes an east Finnish farmer, so, a prince. However, one little point remains reminding of the being as a piggy; considerably twisted and impressive tail stays in the trousers in sight. This story ended in it. Tyyne still goes her scabby beak to powder and then to sleep.